Significance of AdhiParaSakthi Yagna



1. AdhiParaSakthi Kalasa Dheepa (Vilakku) Yagna (Velvi) Pooja is the highest non-agamic ritual. Participating or donating to this Yagna is equivalent to performing Kumbhabhishekam to a Temple. 

2. In this Bhoo Lokh , it is the only way of inviting and invoking The Universal Supreme Mother AdhiParaSakthi, the very origin of all and everything including all Deities. 

3. And it is the opportunity even for all Deities, Devas, Devathaas, Navagraha Adhipathis, Pancha Bhoothas and all of them to get Dharshan of Mother AdhiParaSakthi in this Bhoo Lokh. When She arrives, the entire divine beings of all Lokas arrive to the spot. 

4. All Deities are extremely elated and ecstatic on the opportunity for them to get Mother’s Dharshan, and so they shower their blessings on all Sevakas and Adhikaaris (sponsors) who made it possible. Their requests are granted by them as Mother clears the hurdles of karmic journey. 

5. It provides relief from dhosam, including Raasi Mandala, Navagraha, Naaga, and Pithur dhosam. Being the Yagna Pooja done to invoke and invite Universal Supreme Mother AdhiParaSakthi who keeps all Deities including Navagraha under Her Lotus Feet, this Pooja addresses every kind of astrological dosham to provide relief. Participation or sponsoring for this grand AdhiParaSakthi Yagna Pooja reduces the severity of our painful experiences and helps to navigate through our karmic journey in a calm and peaceful manner. 

7. As per Hindu belief system, the cycle of birth, life, and death is purely a karmic journey in our (our Soul) endeavor to be reach the Universal Soul (Paramathma) and be integrated back into the Source. Every thought and action in each life we incarnate, accumulates 'Karma'. It is a sum accumulation of both bad and good, right and wrong, etc. In every life we reap the resulting effect of our 'Karma', while building new ones. The good life you live today is not just because of your smartness, but more so an outcome of 'Good' Karma built by your Soul. Attaining Mukti / Nirvana is to be in Union with Source. This is only possible when we have emptied our Karma bucket completely. Until then we keep taking birth and undergo death on this planet. There is absolutely no escape from Karmic Forces. Even Gods and their Incarnations are not spared.

6. Your contribution as a sponsor is spent in three ways: A portion goes to cover Yagna expenses and another part is spent on Annadhaana to all participants. Remaining which is a significant amount is secured in building funds for the construction of Shakti Peetam & Spiritual Center here in Chester Springs, PA. Zero spend on administrative tasks. No other worship center can accomplish this.

The uniqueness and specialty of AdhiParaSakthi Kalasa Dheepa Yagna (Velvi) Pooja is that the sponsors and their families perform archana and offer ahuti to yagna gunda by themselves while mantra is being recited. It is totally different from other Agamic / Vedic yagnas where only the priests will perform them. AdhiParaSakthi Yagnas (Velvi) are conducted using different Chakras (Yantras) designed specifically to the purpose or objective of the Yagna. Usually in Shakti Peetam most of the Yagnas include SriChakra (SriYantra) accompanied with additional chakras and yagna gundams of different shapes. Each shape and combination configuration done with utmost care to accuracy, precision, and perfect alignment. The configuration is given by Mother AdhiParaSakthi Herself in the Meditation of Core Lead of Yagna. It is not designed by human, but by Mother Herself, which is very unique to Shakti Peetam.  The Yagna configuration are drawn, built, decorated, and arranged by Sevakas who have been in strict Vrat for many days. The power of this AdhiParaSakthi Yagna is only to be felt and experienced than explained with words here. Om Sakthi 


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