Guru Purnima


Every year, in the Hindu month of Ashada (June / July in Gregorian calendar), a special combination of planetary and star alignments results in the wonderful occasion of Guru Purnima. It is also known as Vyasa Purnima, probably due to Veda Vyasa born on this Tithi. Guru Purnima is the day of worshipping and being grateful to our Guru – Spiritual Guru who shows us God, Scholarly Gurus who impart knowledge and wisdom, Subject Matter Experts who teach us all type of subjects to us. There are many stories related to Guru Purnima, that can be found via Google search on the internet.

One doesn't go in search of a Guru. That search is driven by our mind looking for something within this earthly life realm. Even though our mind convinces that we are searching for a Guru for Self-Realization, the reality is that our mind is yearning for something still connected to this life. Instead, the reality is that Guru finds us. When the time in our karmic journey is right, Guru grabs us into His / Her embrace and starts the work of Gurudom on the individual soul.  This is the case with a True Guru - One who is consciously integrated with Universal Supreme Soul - Parabhrama, thus taking the role of a physical abode of the omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent cosmic energy, The God.

Guru Purnima when the energy in and around us is most elated and helps in ascending our chakras naturally, the seekers honor their GURU as the “dispeller of darkness” (GU means “darkness” and RU means “dispel”).

It is because of the previous lives good deeds, thoughts, dhaana and dharma performed by us (souls) that we get connected to a genuine Guru in this life. So it will be in our next lives. Without penance and pujas of some sort, the connection with a Guru is not possible. It is said, that if our yearning for Divine is sincere and truthful, Divine Itself will appear as Guru to us. A true Divine Guru provides experiential teachings and enables a seeker to connect with Divine through knowledge and understanding of true purpose of this Earthly life. Only a true Guru can help a spiritual seeker break karmic patterns and thought processes, and thus open the absolute bliss of an open heart.  A true Guru shows us the spiritual beings experiencing human life a true understanding of this reality. The goal is to raise our consciousness to the blissful truth, beyond the illusions of material life and free ourselves of karmic patterns and physical bondage.

Blessed are the souls who have found a true Guru in one’s lifetime. A True Guru is one who possesses the ocean of knowledge, and hence can show disciples the knowledge of the Self (Atma Gnyaana). Guru Purnima offers us a chance to honor this incredible blessing and opportunity.

There are many ways to celebrate Guru Purnima and every sect and tradition improvises its own. In Shakti Peetam & Spiritual Center, we honor our Guru with Sri Chakra Dheepa Pooja.


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